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Baden bei Wien

Die Kurstadt Baden bei Wien liegt am Eingang des Helenentales, 26 Kilometer südlich von Wien. Die Lage am Rande des Wienerwaldes, das milde Klima der Thermenregion, die heilsamen Schwefelquellen, das vielfältige kulturelle Angebot wie auch die zahlreichen Heurigen machen Baden zu einer reizvollen Stadt für Touristen, Kurgäste und die Badener.


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the police have also been to the hospital to understand the situation. It is reported that the police are to arrest the knives to injure the man surnamed Wang.As of press time last night,[url=****://***]christian louboutin soldes[/url], 7:00, China Daily reporter learned from the hospital the very fact that the head and face wounds cut as many as seven, after a CT scan of the brain, yet found brain damage, Ms. Zhang is currently conscious, injury relatively stable.& Gt; & gt; psychological counselingRelatives to closely observe the demeanor of the childAn 8-year-old child, wi[url=****://***]tn[/url]essed his mother being chopped undoubtedly bloody and cruel. Shaanxi Baohua,[url=****://***]nike tn[/url], deputy director of the Institute of Psychology sunlight that,[url=****://***]nike air jordan pas cher[/url], for children, their fear, fear of negative emotions.
sorghum have given you an explanation, and may you rest in peace! Bo Yun identity is Wenling City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation deputy brigade commander Chen Junhui, which means killing the child's murderer caught.This is hi or sad? Time is in the morning,[url=****://***]felpe hollister[/url], but I no sleep, and my heart was always felt something heavy weight. Always wait until the day dawn,[url=****://***]hogan rebel[/url], a watch has been more than 6 points.
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as found previously there have been some physiological responses must be timely psychological counseling for children,[url=****://***]tn[/url], seek professional psychological treatment agencies, if necessary,[url=****://***]air max pas cher[/url], try this the negative impact caused by events in the hearts of children to a minimum.This series of articles by Chinese Chinese Commercial News reporters Zhang Bo and Cai Xie(Original title: send 8-year-old son on his way to school, she was the same floor a man forced to kneel knife and chopped 7 (Figure))EdNewspaper reporter in Taizhou Chen Dong newspaper correspondent Steven Zhu Lingyun Zhi Wang Pingping / Wen Jian / photoOn Sunday morning,[url=****://***]nike tn officiel[/url], 12-year-old girl Ling (a pseudonym) alone in the hills near the home Piyun sketch painting,[url=****://***]air max femme[/url], but never returned home until rescuers found her in the mountains, Ling had been killed.More than 11 points last night,[url=****://***]tn pas cher[/url], killing Ling Tian Qingqing murderer arrested. Evening News reporter in Wenling City Public Security Bureau,[url=****://******]parajumpers homme[/url], due to economic constraints initiation of the idea of the mountain robbery, while sketching alone start his goal,[url=****://***]air max femme pas cher[/url], in the case of attempted robbery and was Ling revolt, angry Ling Tian Qingqing brutal murder,[url=****://***]nike tn pas cher[/url], and abandoned corpse between mountain temple.Murderer caught But her daughter never come backNearly 12 o'clock last night, I saw in my circle of friends friends, "Yun Bo" sent a message: child.








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not a good thing the cold hearts of the people ah

Students mat 1700 yuan rescue the wounded,[url=****://***]****://***[/url]
Recently, Zhengzhou seniors Mike encounters a chilling thing: "I put a kindly old man wounded to the hospital, I will advance the work-study program to earn his medical expenses when,[url=****://***]****://***[/url], in the end the parties do not pay back the money did not say, I'm not a good idea! "Yesterday morning, the Oriental Daily News reporter repayment agreement is reached through conciliation between Li and debtors, not a good thing the cold hearts of the people ah!
? East this reporter Fu Yuhan / Wen Yuan Xiaoqiang / Chart
Senior boys hard to get back to the pad for medical expenses
Mike is a senior student of Zhengzhou University, because of family economic condition is not good, he was from October 2013, in the western suburbs of Zhengzhou,[url=****://***]****://***[/url], work-study, a large real estate company.
According to Mike about, August 25 at noon, he passed Zhengzhou City industrious Ruhe Street and East Road intersection when a construction site, to see a group of people around an old man, Mike went over, "the old man around 60 years old, lying in bed, motionless. "Li said, the understanding, he did not know the old man surnamed Luo, was injured workers with the unit.
120 personnel, the old Luo absent relatives, Mike will accompany the elderly and another worker came to Zhengzhou City Orthopaedic Hospital Center. Luo not move, Mike first advance fee of $ 700 to the elderly emergencies.
Ronaldinho Luo old son came to the hospital, did not have any money, Xiang Li borrowed 1,000 yuan for medical expenses. "The old man of similar age and my father, I was completely because compassion." Li said, when Ronaldinho reluctant IOUs that will certainly pay back the money,[url=****://***]****://***[/url], he did not care, the medical staff at the witness,[url=****://]****://[/url], Ronaldinho The hospital charges article gave Li. That night, Mike accompany the elderly until 22:00 was gone.
Li was sent to the hospital for the elderly, a thing to advance medical expenses, medical Orthopaedic Hospital of Zhengzhou City, the center also be confirmed. Later, the old law did not mention pay back the money thing. Li said he phoned for money, is not connected is not dragged to, which is really made him upset.
At 11:00 on September 12, East this reporter Songshan in Zhengzhou City Public Security Bureau police station to see the old law, because one thing to fight, the police asked him about the situation. For one thing owed 1700 yuan,[url=****://***/bbs/yybbs/yyregi.cgi]****://***/bbs/yybbs/yyregi.cgi[/url], the old law does not deny that he said:. "I do not do not pay back the money, but I thing here is not over yet."
Luo: Suspected Mike non kindly thing to deal on behalf of the company
Luo said the thing is that he has been injured worker issue. This is what Mike does it matter?
Interview, the reporter learned that Li and Luo in fact belong to different departments of a large real estate company,[url=****://******?chanel=290]portafogli chanel[/url], Li and Luo are responsible for different transactions on the site, the old law is the name of security,[url=****://***]gucci outlet borse[/url], there is no work before two and from the hospital the nurses know when.
Luo believes that they have been hit the workers, since the two are the same unit, Mike is a little similar to the squad leader, Mike advance medical expenses not "kind",[url=****://***/bbs/yybbs/yyregi.cgi]****://***/bbs/yybbs/yyregi.cgi[/url],[url=****://***]prada borse sito ufficiale[/url], "If I was playing not over handle this thing ,[url=****://]****://[/url], ye then came upon a coincidence, but also so kind to give me advance medical expenses? "Luo believes that after they have been hit, the company did not say in person, he finds Mike is the company representative, they have been playing the thing is not Resolved, That the 1700 yuan can not yet.
Ronaldinho: Mike impersonate police about his shameful behavior
Ronaldinho him to borrow money to Li in the hospital does not deny a thing, but Mike police posing a thing about him to the police station, Ronaldinho unacceptable.
Ronaldinho introduced by the end of August this year,[url=****://******?chanel=605]chanel milano boutique[/url], he was lured Li Songshan Road police station, because they did not pay back the money, Mike had been abusive to him, but also to prevent himself to leave. Yesterday morning, Li admitted that the matter does not do well, promptly apologized to the father and son, "do not take phone calls,[url=****://***]portafoglio uomo gucci[/url], find people to pay back the money, I can take this stupid another way."
Mike: "do not represent the company, their own money to advance."
"You fight with others dispute, and my money are two different things children?" Mike was very angry, and he felt lost time pad the money spent on helping an elderly stranger, depends on compassion, the present situation The situation is absolutely ridiculous. "I am not a graduate student, Zeneng behalf of the company?" Li said, even if the company come forward to solve, but also fail to get him.
When Mike Zloty out together to the old leadership to meet with the company, make it clear that the matter, the old law did not agree.
When the two sides argued, who came to the police station, Ms. act did not go, and to persuade the elderly and his son quickly pay back the money, "someone in the critical moment, to help themselves, not only should pay back the money as soon as possible, but also gratitude, even 2000 yuan also have nothing to say. Zeneng always rely on the do not give it? "the woman said, the party fights caused injuries, costs incurred, the police will deal with, not because belong to one company, it passed on to help their people.
The results
Lay repay IOUs reconciliation
Reporters were old Ronaldinho Ronaldo and his son talk, the two agreed to pay back the money, but said the money in the hands. Mike's father, taking into account the urgent need of money bedridden old Luo finally agreed to 1700 yuan drawn back Mike will never issued August wages.
12:00 yesterday, Luo and Mike came together company is located in Zhengzhou City University Avenue, found the Treasury, under the leadership of the company's witness, Luo lay IOUs, lower wages similar hair, come together in front of the company leadership face, Luo Li returned to 1700 yuan.
This is a good thing to help people tide over the crisis, but it evolved into economic disputes. At the moment to get the IOUs, Mike mixed feelings: "Indeed chilling, but in some places I was not mature enough deal."
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