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Baden bei Wien

Die Kurstadt Baden bei Wien liegt am Eingang des Helenentales, 26 Kilometer südlich von Wien. Die Lage am Rande des Wienerwaldes, das milde Klima der Thermenregion, die heilsamen Schwefelquellen, das vielfältige kulturelle Angebot wie auch die zahlreichen Heurigen machen Baden zu einer reizvollen Stadt für Touristen, Kurgäste und die Badener.


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Rosentage 2006

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this cemetery was built in the woods behind Zhangjiawan hospitals

(Reporter Chen Tan) "If you open the window every day and see the cemetery, you can say that this good mood this?" Recently,[url=****://***]louboutin femme[/url], Tongzhou District residents too Jade Garden East is very unhappy because the village is near the area build the cemetery, and the cemetery just across the road away from the cell. In order to appease the community residents, village household can send a verbal commitment, this absurd argument further sparked strong protests of residents.
Yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to the Tongzhou District, too Jade Garden East, according to nearby residents introduction, this cemetery was built in the woods behind Zhangjiawan hospitals,[url=****://]****://[/url], and residential north gate across the road. Reporters saw, though it is winter, there is still wooded, but in stark contrast, the location where the cemetery is a piece of yellow earth, surrounded by the ascent of the red brick walls, all kinds of vehicles in and out of work,[url=****://]Some" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">****://>Some[/url], a lot of trees The snag was thrown on the roadside. According to the reporter visual,[url=****://***]chaussures louboutin hommes[/url], cemetery area the size of about five football fields, its west side and north side of the road and were taken next to Zhang East Sixth Ring Road.
"In the past this tree-lined, the environment is very pleasant, and surrounded by schools and kindergartens, where the construction of the cemetery too inappropriate." According to local residents said that before the trees have been cut down, the area outside the view of Zeng them proud proud. However,[url=****://]****://[/url],[url=****://***]moncler prezzi[/url], beginning in October of this year, where construction began the night, cut down trees, when they thought it was the development of residential buildings to be built here later heard Cemetery. According to district many residents confirmed that after the completion of the cemetery has 6000 graves, the village will be one of 4000 foreign sale of the remaining 2000 gave too Jade Garden district residents to appease discontent residents, the statement also appears in Jade Garden owners forum on too, and drew strong protests from residents.
"Ridiculous, not only to build the cemetery at home,[url=****://***?mod=viewthread&tid=850222&fromuid=152927]****://***?mod=viewthread&tid=850222&fromuid=152927[/url], even after the completion of each household to send one,[url=****s://]****s://[/url], which is expecting us and quickly buried it! We can not tolerate such behavior." Ma said, according to area residents, had they not seen Any construction approval procedures on the construction of the cemetery,[url=****://***]scarpe hogan donna[/url], the cemetery was built deforestation behavior is barbaric and illegal. Ma also said that the villagers had had inscribed Zhang Wancun notices, notices content is the village cemetery built strongly protest, posted on the roadside bus station, but after cleaning. Subsequently,[url=****://***]****://***[/url], a number of villagers Zhang Wancun confirmed that indeed the village cemetery in this building, but for sales, they did not know.
"There is a place to live after death,[url=****://***]spaccio woolrich[/url], was the last wish of the deceased, but also a way to pay homage to the living dead, in line with human affair, at all times without exception." Too many people,[url=****://***]borse louis vuitton[/url], including Yang, including Jade Garden, said Zhang Wan Jian village cemetery circle, one problem is that the project did not go through the planning and approval. On the other hand,[url=****://******?mod=viewthread&tid=1938938&fromuid=32536]****://******?mod=viewthread&tid=1938938&fromuid=32536[/url], Zhang Wancun circle cemetery built in violation of public order and morals. Cemetery is the burial place of the dead, the site should be away from residential areas, in order to prevent the normal order of life residents, to avoid the residents, especially the children generate fear.
"Interim Provisions of the State Council concerning funeral management" and "Beijing Funeral Management Regulations" provides that provide burial services for the public cemetery in rural villagers, the villagers' committee should be filed and approved by the civil affairs departments, and the site may not be on both sides of the road shall not engage in business activities.
Too many people, including Yang Yu Park District, including that the cemetery next to the road, away from residential close, the impact on their lives, and they think circle cemetery built not only the construction of the entire project is not included in the plan, nor After the approval of the civil affairs department, and the cemetery was built next to the highway is in violation of the relevant laws and regulations.
In this regard, Zhangjiawan town government office staff, said the construction of cemetery did not know, advised residents to advise the town planning department. And Zhang Wancun village staff also said,[url=****://***]hogan outlet 2015[/url], unaware of the issue for the construction of the cemetery. Well, this cemetery in the end is who built it?
Text and photo J199
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Two funeral cars
Stopped at the door more than a year
(Reporter Li Universal) in the past year,[url=****://***]tiffany milano[/url], when residents of a district Anzhenxili out who lives especially heart block, sidewalk outside the east gate of the original cell and non-motorized trail, all parked black silk tied yellow flowers funeral car. "Stop here and have a year's time,[url=****://***]tiffany milano[/url], lane and do not say,[url=****://***]hogan rebel[/url], Huoer go out to buy food,[url=****://******?tid=954]****://******?tid=954[/url], stroll the corner, this mood is also heavier than grave."
Yesterday evening, the reporter came Anzhenxili an area near Building 9 on the non-motor vehicle lanes and sidewalks, parked one after two dark medium-sized passenger car, license plate to be used at the yellow and black ribbons woven flowers overshadowed, not far away from the two vehicles is a shroud shop. Reporters noted that in an area east of the south Anzhenxili is Anzhen Hospital. Two funeral cars and a hospital across the street.
An unnamed resident told reporters, two vehicles parked on the sidewalk has been more than a year. "I did not see what business they have always parked on the roadside." Reporters saw the funeral car parked on the north side of the street occupied by non-motorized vehicles, while the south is occupied by a funeral car bike sidewalk . "Jeeves did not say, the key is to go to see this two funeral cars, was indescribably awkward, do not know which department to manage this." Residents say, we had numerous experiences of finding community committees reflect , but has not been able to solve.
This morning, the reporter contacted Anzhenxili community,[url=****://***]scarpe hogan interactive[/url], a staff member said that this thing he was not quite clear, advised residents to find inspectors reflect the situation. Subsequently, the reporter linked to the identity of the reader to the comprehensive civil law enforcement unit, a staff member said it would investigate. "From the aspect of the park to see,[url=****://***]scarpe hogan outlet[/url], and no relevant laws and regulations to carry out the provisions of this, but in general the funeral car owned by the funeral home management, but generally are parked at the funeral home, shroud shop is not eligible to open the funeral car." J002
(Original title: cemetery built after each send one)
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